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Where ingenuity

Le 13 octobre 2016, 05:06 dans Humeurs 0

"Carpenter" concept, all over the rural life of the texture. My daughter just learning to eat, a small bowl, with a spoon to dig into his mouth, mother: I like Nini, is really a good carpenter. The child suddenly lifted the bowl thrown away, and le hehe. My mother said: just is a good carpenter, and Baba craftsman.

In the old carpenter, there is a standard, a strong technical or business skills. Life, can not get away from the carpenter. Bricklayers, masons and carpenters, gardeners, barber, blacksmith, carpenter, tailor, miscellaneous scale repair carpenter, Tinker, carpenter, teacher, mend the bowl weaver, playing the gardener...... A carpenter with a carpenter skills, a line of the rules.

But in my eyes, and a craftsman, seems more like a wisp of antiquity, let Mandaijie have Tang Han Feng yun. The ordinary life, suddenly a tradesman, all sorts of strange, secret agents, in their hands, aloft, gently down, like a bright but has a hard puzzle, causing pleasure.

"Fill the bowl - Ho, bowl complement!" The sound of crying, carpenter to mend the bowl. The gray haired old man, pick a burden, and yo. His burden, a head of a small wooden box on the side of a folding stool, there are two water boxes, wooden box containing oil pot; it is a layer of small drawers, containing various gadgets.

There are a few households, crashed out of the broken bowl. The old man to remove the burden, sitting on the stool, with glasses, began to work, he repeatedly rubbing only a broken bowl. Then the hoop bowl, drilling, generally used like a leech iron loop, two bazhu. Only a few leech loops, close lying in the bowl, like a centipede. Fill the bowl of water on the spot, leak test, and to pay. A bowl, not worth the money, repair wages, more modest. The village women, and always ramble, to give a few. The old man did not say, with a kind of indifference to their money, the simple one, into his pocket.

My relatives, four uncle and four uncle cousin, is a carpenter. The builders, chose a row, is a lifetime, only do this one over, but also to the children. In the village, Mason, tailor, play the gardener, is true. A craft, to maintain a family of several generations.

When the window door at home, what do a cabinet, four uncle came. A lot of woodworking tools, car load, follow him altogether. The fountain like toys, with the saw tooth, the plane has two ears, revolving drill, like the picture of a general axe. Enough to make a small children's play.

Four uncle to uneven length and thickness of a pile of wood, brow looked like the idea of a work. Then, solemn hands. I often see him riding on the bench, forcibly pushed his on board the plane, Tsatsa cracking, rolls of shavings, layers of fall, drowned him wearing old shoes feet. He took a ruler and ink box, wooden painting, sometimes, what an eye, like shooting when targeting children. His face is full of solemn, it seems all the passion for life are spread on the board.

Those who start to work, and are 100% attention, so that the face has a layer of pious look; even around the noisy, not smooth, still with static and courage, to enjoy the freedom to create. Do the work reward, in their looks, some light. About, their satisfaction, a large part of the work from their own.

I think, good quality than skill to artisans. Because the first class spirit was awakened, it is possible to achieve first-class technology.

The history of the jade craftsman, poor life force, grinding a piece of jade; to make a musician, piano, and. Capable person, for the sword, life can give up. They are grinding objects at the same time, also in order to your own mind, therefore, works and personality, are beyond time, reach an ultimate.

Today, our pursuit of "instant benefit track, in economic income determines the quality of life; enjoy become synonymous with luxury and hypocritical; so we talk with eloquence, rash and too much in haste, fantasy flourishes. As everyone knows, we have neglected the original meaning of enjoyment. High levels of enjoyment, not to enjoy the results, while in the enjoyment of the process. As the builders that keep a high, cold, introspective heart, long silent focus on their hands "work", to do it.

Enjoy the beauty, need seven points, two points and the sweat a stick.

However, the easy, difficult for originality. It is said that Japan is the "best artisan spirit" heritage country, Michelin Samsung restaurant sushi chef, Ono Jiro, 86 years old, is still in the pursuit of quality promotion day sushi. He has nearly sixty years to focus on making sushi. From the purchase of food, to the temperature and time of the rice vinegar pickled fish, all to the highest standards to. He knew that a piece of seaweed in what way and time will be just perfect baked. On the promotion, attention as one, this is the essence of originality.

Compared with the unique creativity, ingenuity itself is a kind of wealth; but, we had to give up on the "originality" of forging. The world's fastest car is a flash of lightning breakdown, the world's most happy children's school, after the collapse of the steel. I think that, the lack of a taste called "ingenuity".

I am not a man, I am just a passer-by.

Le 27 septembre 2016, 05:47 dans Humeurs 0

If life could turn the clock back, I would have poured it all, to fill the sorrow of the past few decades.

If dreams can come true, I have to lose everything, including love hospitality management.

If I see you again, time is no longer the fickle man.

And in fact, just if it.

I still have to face all the world alone, false or true.

I am looking forward to life is unforgettable, once again disappointed in then, Enron's present life reenex cps.

I will not be your home, just in the dream we are still together, like this twenty years of dream, just like your name.

I have no hope for this world, only hope that the twists and turns less, life is stable, because, my heart is old, from seven years ago you leave.

Well, we finally shake hands and, because life, because I am not me, you are not you.

Rush of that year, at a glance, a dead tourism industry news.

My dada horseshoe is a beautiful mistake.

I am not a man, I'm just a traveler, you pass through the world.

My other work

Le 16 août 2016, 08:46 dans Humeurs 0

NOV. 23. - My other work having now stood still, because of my making these tools, when they were finished I went on, and working every day, as my strength and time allowed, I spent eighteen days entirely in widening and deepening my cave, that it might hold my goods commodiously.

NOTE. - During all this time I worked to make this room or cave spacious enough to accommodate me as a warehouse or magazine, a kitchen, a dining-room, and a cellar. As for my lodging, I kept to the tent; except that sometimes, in the wet season of the year, it rained so hard that I could not keep myself dry, which caused me afterwards to cover all my place within my pale with long poles, in the form of rafters, leaning against the rock, and load them with flags and large leaves of trees, like a thatch.

DECEMBER 10. - I began now to think my cave or vault finished, when on a sudden (it seems I had made it too large) a great quantity of earth fell down from the top on one side; so much that, in short, it frighted me, and not without reason, too, for if I had been under it, I had never wanted a gravedigger. I had now a great deal of work to do over again, for I had the loose earth to carry out; and, which was of more importance, I had the ceiling to prop up, so that I might be sure no more would come down.

DEC. 11. - This day I went to work with it accordingly, and got two shores or posts pitched upright to the top, with two pieces of boards across over each post; this I finished the next day; and setting more posts up with boards, in about a week more I had the roof secured, and the posts, standing in rows, served me for partitions to part off the house.

DEC. 17. - From this day to the 20th I placed shelves, and knocked up nails on the posts, to hang everything up that could be hung up; and now I began to be in some order within doors.

DEC. 20. - Now I carried everything into the cave, and began to furnish my house, and set up some pieces of boards like a dresser, to order my victuals upon; but boards began to be very scarce with me; also, I made me another table.

DEC. 24. - Much rain all night and all day. No stirring out.

DEC. 25. - Rain all day.

DEC. 26. - No rain, and the earth much cooler than before, and pleasanter.

DEC. 27. - Killed a young goat, and lamed another, so that I caught it and led it home in a string; when I had it at home, I bound and splintered up its leg, which was broke.

N.B. - I took such care of it that it lived, and the leg grew well and as strong as ever; but, by my nursing it so long, it grew tame, and fed upon the little green at my door, and would not go away.This was the first time that I entertained a thought of breeding up some tame creatures, that I might have food when my powder and shot was all spent.

DEC. 28,29,30,31. - Great heats, and no breeze, so that there was no stirring abroad, except in the evening, for food; this time I spent in putting all my things in order within doors.

JANUARY 1. - Very hot still: but I went abroad early and late with my gun, and lay still in the middle of the day. This evening, going farther into the valleys which lay towards the centre of the island, I found there were plenty of goats, though exceedingly shy, and hard to come at; however, I resolved to try if I could not bring my dog to hunt them down.

JAN. 2. - Accordingly, the next day I went out with my dog, and set him upon the goats, but I was mistaken, for they all faced about upon the dog, and he knew his danger too well, for he would not come near them.

JAN. 3. - I began my fence or wall; which, being still jealous of my being attacked by somebody, I resolved to make very thick and strong.

N.B. - This wall being described before, I purposely omit what was said in the journal; it is sufficient to observe, that I was no less time than from the 2nd of January to the 14th of April working, finishing, and perfecting this wall, though it was no more than about twenty-four yards in length, being a half-circle from one place in the rock to another place, about eight yards from it, the door of the cave being in the centre behind it.

All this time I worked very hard, the rains hindering me many days, nay, sometimes weeks together; but I thought I should never be perfectly secure till this wall was finished; and it is scarce credible what inexpressible labour everything was done with, especially the bringing piles out of the woods and driving them into the ground; for I made them much bigger than I needed to have done Karson Choi.

When this wall was finished, and the outside double fenced, with a turf wall raised up close to it, I perceived myself that if any people were to come on shore there, they would not perceive anything like a habitation; and it was very well I did so, as may be observed hereafter, upon a very remarkable occasion.

During this time I made my rounds in the woods for game every day when the rain permitted me, and made frequent discoveries in these walks of something or other to my advantage; particularly, I found a kind of wild pigeons, which build, not as wood-pigeons in a tree, but rather as house-pigeons, in the holes of the rocks; and taking some young ones, I endeavoured to breed them up tame, and did so; but when they grew older they flew away, which perhaps was at first for want of feeding them, for I had nothing to give them; however, I frequently found their nests, and got their young ones, which were very good meat Karson Choi. And now, in the managing my household affairs, I found myself wanting in many things, which I thought at first it was impossible for me to make; as, indeed, with some of them it was: for instance, I could never make a cask to be hooped.I had a small runlet or two, as I observed before; but I could never arrive at the capacity of making one by them, though I spent many weeks about it; I could neither put in the heads, or join the staves so true to one another as to make them hold water; so I gave that also over. In the next place, I was at a great loss for candles; so that as soon as ever it was dark, which was generally by seven o'clock, I was obliged to go to bed. I remembered the lump of beeswax with which I made candles in my African adventure; but I had none of that now; the only remedy I had was, that when I had killed a goat I saved the tallow, and with a little dish made of clay, which I baked in the sun, to which I added a wick of some oakum, I made me a lamp; and this gave me light, though not a clear, steady light, like a candle. In the middle of all my labours it happened that, rummaging my things, I found a little bag which, as I hinted before, had been filled with corn for the feeding of poultry - not for this voyage, but before, as I suppose, when the ship came from Lisbon. The little remainder of corn that had been in the bag was all devoured by the rats, and I saw nothing in the bag but husks and dust; and being willing to have the bag for some other use (I think it was to put powder in, when I divided it for fear of the lightning, or some such use), I shook the husks of corn out of it on one side of my fortification, under the rock rent apartment.


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