In the early morning, scattered warmth of sunlight, all over every inch of land, in-depth texture, illuminated the long sleep on the ridge of the dream.


Soft sun stung his eyes, tears quietly silent, moist eyes, at this moment, there is no sign of that watch the edge of the ridge in the woman,


Do not know when to start, more and more distressed around this from the suffering out of the woman, that with love for me to build a road wall of the woman.


Lasted to the four seasons, year after year, the day became sarcastic, completely regardless of the painstaking efforts to run the family.


Childhood, youth, listening to her weak breathing, the longer the bigger.


Her bitterness but not tears, quietly eagerly hope that desperate happiness, persistent dedication to home, his shadow under the lights, the longer the longer,


More and more thin, she tired every touch of bright sunshine, time has long been safe and sound.


Endless stream of people, from north to south, the silence through the soul of the confusion, enough to let the number of refused to go old face Xiangxue Yu perish,


But we always in a certain season a distance, through the darkest sky, light keep warm, direct access to those inside the softest place.


We have many fantasy in the night to embrace the distance, to find a truth, soothing maple leaves like autumn flowers.


Life is like a endless stream, endless torrents,


But we are not a boat on the river, can only follow the crowd, because in the years of pressure, we have learned to ride the wind and waves, against the current.


When we swagger, through the short and beautiful youth, getting old, slowly, began to be difficult to resist those full of affectionate words,


Even if it is one word, the sun and the moon is still, the enemy has no longer the original appearance, and we still miss,


I miss every city, every street, every cloud, every evening, every walk and walk, and countless beautiful moments.


We can stand the vicissitudes of the years, to withstand the ups and downs, but only stand up when the heart of obsession.


Gathered together, one day, the distance is the distance,


Close but it is also how to give up the constant feelings, to go or stay, but the world is unusual, as long as the hand holding countless friendship, Tianya is also close to eternal.


Sometimes, sensationalism is bound to be scars, but only the absence of our bit by bit tenderness.


Every day and lonely walk, stepping on the sun from the sky, with the dusty memories of wandering in the wandering days.


Each one of us, every minute, is like a distant migratory birds, stay in the jasmine branches of the branches, dumping a fragmented clutch,


And then each strong, continue to look forward to that is not far away from us in full bloom in the future.


We are used to watch an empty city, endure the unwilling willing,


But never lower the threshold of happiness, stubbornly holding the time scale to measure how much is worth it.


We are like children, like walking through the streets, wandering from the streets to the end of the street, from the sunrise to the sunset,


With a simple simple footsteps to the world's gentle and considerate, with the ears to listen to those who stay in the wind in the leisurely past, and then write a meaningful pen with a meaningful song.


We are the same, do not like the wind and rain on the impermanence of the world, smiling faces, but had to be the most vulnerable to the most tragic buried.


Sometimes we can not tolerate failure, guess the fate of reincarnation, often for the wrong traveler silently burning himself, but the desire to rebirth.


Ningquewulan time, cherish those hard-won hearts throbbing, is willing to be our lives well, we are well-being of the world's gentle feeding.


Qing Qing, the situation is gone, only keep people alone weight loss. Autumn, a dream put on clothes, cream is getting thick, and people waiting for the loss of haggard yellow,


In the autumn in the circling, like drifting in the deep blue sea duckweed,


All the elegant aroma, a season of Fanghua, and air dependency go hand in hand, only accompanied by waves of one after another.


Si years, forget the reunion, forget to parting, if the security, through, Qingqiu.