With the passage of time, with the increase in ring. People gradually from immature to mature. More and more found excellent content gives a stable, elegant, knowledge-rich. Excellent content can reflect the crystal-like luster, so the content of a person is how important. So good connotation is born with it?


No, good connotation is gradually formed, it is the inner practice, it is distributed from the inside out of a gas field. It can be said that the content is from the fine cultivation.


Read more books can improve the content, willing to take the time to read your vision to open up; willing to take the time to read, your mood is open-minded; willing to take the time to read, your taste will improve. In your words inadvertently revealed your knowledge, your content; in your manner inadvertently dumped your accomplishment, your content; in your work inadvertently reflects your profound, your Connotation. So more reading can enhance your content.


Song of the emperor Zhao Heng persuaded read the poem: "rich do not have to buy fertile land, the book has its own millet; live without high-rise, the book has its own gold house; married Mo hate no good media, the book has its own Yan Ruyu; Hate no one with the book in the car as a cluster; men want to then life-chi, the five ground to the window to read. "Enough to explain the knowledge of the spirit of food, is the spiritual wealth. Enough to explain the development of a person's reading is how important. Bacon in the "Book": "read history makes people wise, reading poetry makes people feel good, mathematics makes people well, science makes profound, ethics makes people solemn, logical rhetoric makes eloquence. , All into the character. "Enough to explain the different books, have different benefits, enough to show where you need to improve, which aspects of the book, where reading are harvested bounce house rental.


However, not only can improve the connotation of reading, excellent connotation is obtained from many aspects of cultivation. Such as good-natured, compassionate, generous, helpful, generous treat people, "diligent in thinking, less talk, silence is gold, these books can read, but often remind ourselves often spur their own.


Read more books, time flies. Busy bored when less, should really busy, then come to quietly watching Yunjuanyunshu; that free to quietly listen to the ebb and flow; that idle to quietly blooming flowers; Idle on the quiet walk in the stream next to the small bridge. Carrying two sleeves breeze, a surplus of water Huiyun. Watching the water gurgling, listen to the waves shore, looking for fish spit water spray, ask Cuiliu wind; that idle to quietly realize their words and deeds, every move or not to do a good job cuboid mini 80w mod!


Confucius said: "I three provinces I." Is to check their day's words and deeds, do it meet the requirements. Wu can make the past mistakes, as a driving force to spur their own. So that after less mistakes, things as much as possible to do some things will be sensible, some will be full of harmonious sails. You will mature some, you will be deep some, you will improve some, you will smile sweet some, you will round to some.


On the person to do things, everywhere to good move, everywhere to love the heart. Everywhere to magnanimity, everywhere embodies your excellent connotation; everywhere to reflect your elegant demeanor 4g sim vs 3g sim.