Mayday sent a new song. Although the last song I do not know when.


     A release, this song to occupy the top music charts, microblogging micro-banner banner of youth banner


The power of the song into the people's vision. But by the remembrance of youth gimmick, and now the crazy man complained about the most but this is a set of.


     Well, I am not qualified to say that these crazy men and women, after all, I am also one of them. Once listening to the "stubborn" is now full of these feelings of self-proclaimed literary youth, but a look of fatigue every day through the crowded urban life of small people there.


     Now, they listened to if we have not met, his face had to sing because of stubborn and intentionally put on a rebellious, cynical attitude, and now had to lay down for life, once uninhibited, cynical. Perhaps, now is still outraged, can do but only in microblogging a popular actor derailed news below when a keyboard Xia, show how the three concept is. The next day, still wake up by the alarm clock, dragging the lazy body hurried out to catch up with the 7:30 every day that bus.


     This is a whim to write a large piece of eloquent memories of youth remember how innocent how innocent how so innocent, but really write here and do not know where to write from, want to write down this just to remember the past with the good, But it is superfluous, who is not the kind of youth, those who look like a faint day now want to always make our mouth unconscious up, probably the evolution of the human brain now, the total memory of things constantly blurring again And then when we need them in the United States and the United States in the attitude of the mind, so we always recall the past, feeling now, in the past sink, in reality die.


    So, that summer, accompanied by head rustling sound of the ceiling fan, Shua Shua buried in the sea of ​​our faces are so cute. Week finally looking forward to a physical education class, pretending to turn around inadvertently in the playground with a glimpse of the light that has long been depicted in the hearts of hundreds of times the figure. Night classes before the evening classes before reading casually read the book will always stay in that line of English textbooks, teachers turn around in a moment to make you face a grimace, in exchange for your face Chongni laugh, such a trick We always play tire.


    Memories of youth is always associated with the summer, wearing a simple t-shirt, wearing a refreshing horsetail, although the teacher was ordered to cut short hair. Face powder without powder is invincible youth. The air was filled with a good smell of sweat after exercise, mixed with the desk in the morning piece of cake you give me the taste of the day ah seems to be a long, may be so over. I always rely on you, even the most basic formula do not want to set about holding the papers turned to ask you, I know, maybe I do not know, but you will always be patient to teach me. Yes, then I still do not know, I think we are students, students sit near, should help each other. You hand to look at the frame look like, I like, there hand to lift my line of sight to stop my hair, I also think our relationship is really good.


This day ah, really happy. Even if the wall blank place filled with uncomfortable but had to face the third slogan, even if this month mock test ranking lost a lot of teachers to talk to me alone, even if the blackboard on the college entrance examination days getting closer. Even if I do not realize that we are about to separate, whether it is you and me, or me and you, I and this later I miss the years.


     If we do not meet, or, not you, it will be another person, that is what kind of people, life will encounter so many years I feel boring, life difficult people, maybe now you At my side, perhaps I will not write these artificial text, because the happy days do not enough ah Новости туризма.


     Headphones Ri Aixin voice came over and over again, I do not know if I was not listening. I think of Eason Chan, because you, start listening to Eason Chan, or, because of you. We will always make the music, survive in the cracks, wit and the teacher wits. We are excellent class, so proud of excellence, in the classroom side of the Eason side of the co-side do not put down the pen, the back came the tall boys joke, so the whole class laughing, Puchi smile, his face Biede red Trip to Hong Kong & China.


     Just before long, I always feel that time is stagnant in the day, behind the time actually has been four years, but the total trance just before the beginning of his prime, Fang Ling eighteen, full of another city's vision of strutting. At that time, how young ah, a head which rushed forward which way to go in the past.


     Online, when you begin to recall the youth miss the past when you are old. This may be used to win the sympathy of the poisonous chicken soup. But it is undeniable that when you start infinitely recalled the past, you are not living well. I do not want to admit it but have to admit it.


Sitting in a wide, bright, modern and well-equipped office, knocking down these words, I do not know to return to the rental work to be prepared to do anything to spend the night boring time, nothing more than the computer to see no nutrition Variety has been to sleep time off the lights ground transfers in Hong Kong.


In the past is really heartless ah, a small thing can make me lean forward, tears soared, and you speak with each other can make me dialect.


     Well, should not be written, working hours is coming, I clean up, ready to get off work it.


I think it is interesting to write something like this, right, you know, you used to draft on my drafts left handwriting is still in the home of the bookcase on it.