Wash lead, experienced a lot of joys and sorrows in life, after the death of death, there will always be open to see some things, can not do for the things that can not be separated, and now filed is laugh it off.


Now only to find, put down is not not think of, but remember that no longer heartache. With a calm mood to face the pain, with a grateful heart to face had to hurt his own people ifco deco.


Treasure is not lost after the sad nostalgia, but in the possession of careful management. A feeling, just in the end will always fit, a person, always in the left when the distressed miss. Even an old photo, a love song, a street, or a bunch of familiar numbers will make people sad or even burst into tears. When we put each other in their own notebook to go, when he was the other side from his notebook crossed out, that moment I want both parties do not want to mention, are willing to put that part of the mind buried in the deepest place, Let it mold rot will never be mentioned. But I still believe that one day we will gently bring it again, or quietly started on the beautiful letterhead, but then we have not distressed, that is down.


If one day meet in the crowd crowded with him, then use a smile to face, gently questioning you okay and remember to say thank you, because of them, only to learn to grow their own, learned to accept , Learned to face fully furnished.


Life is the composition of many of this parting, it was left, of course, some people will enter. The world does not leave the banquet, joys and sorrows this is commonplace, why the interpretation of the sad. We will leave, the sun is still beautiful, we will meet, the roadside flowers still open brilliant.


Some people break into our lives, not to accompany us to perform and fantasy, but deep on our lesson, and then turned to leave. Or joy or sorrow, are the subject of their own research.


People have gone, the tea has been cold, leaving only a broken memories, all right, for the separation, learn to bear, for reunion, learn to be grateful. With the most beautiful heart to contain those broken memories, and then pieced together, I believe it will be a beautiful story. Parting sadness will eventually open into a brilliant flower, blooming in every corner of life hong kong company registrar.